C O M E D I A N



On Friday 3rd October 2008, Sammy J walked on stage with a group of five-year old girls and performed a dance routine at the North Melbourne Town Hall. It was the opening of the insanely ambitious “50 Year Show”, a comedy spectacular that will run once every five years until 2058.


As the night unfolded, some of Australia’s finest comedians joined Sammy to create a living, breathing, comedic time capsule. Segments included the 50 Year Crossword, The 50 Year Joke, and The 50 Year Trivia Game, in which contestants battled it out over the sex and first words of an unborn baby – with the expectant mother live on stage.


The show continued in 2013, and again in 2018.


Pencil in 2023 for the third instalment.