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 C O M E D I A N
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Symphony in J Minor

Comedian, author, and star of ABC TV gets back to his musical comedy roots with his brand new album, “Symphony in J Minor”. Recorded live at the iconic Butterfly Club, the Symphony explores politics, parenting, and patriotism - with Cello arrangements by Richard Vaudrey, and guest cameos from Broden Kelly (“Aunty Donna”) and rising star Jude Perl. 

The Long Class Goodnight

Meet Justin Monaghetti. He is destined to be a loser. His new school is terrifying. His only friend wants to run away forever. And he's just been given a detention for something he didn't do. But Justin isn't going to accept his fate without a fight. To survive his first horrible day of high school, he'll need a few tricks, a bit of luck - and an ingenious plan to mess with the rules.


Sammy J's debut middle-grade novel.

Playground Politics DVD

Now is your chance to relive the longest election campaign in Australian History! Featuring all fifteen episodes in their bite-sized entirety, you can enjoy the adventures of Average Voter over and over again, whilst practicing your “Little Anthony Albanese’s” and baking a Minority Government Cake. Yum yum!

Skinny Man, Modern World

Sammy J's ARIA-nominated solo album is a feast for lovers of musical comedy. Funny, thought-provoking, and delightfully catchy. Also available on iTunes & Google Play.

Sammy J & Randy's Difficult First Album

The debut album from everybody's favourite multi-award-winning, toe-tapping, hep-C-riddled comedy duo. Also available on iTunes & Google Play.

DVD: Sammy J & Randy - Live

Recorded live at the Sydney Comedy Store as part of their "Difficult First Album" tour, this is Sammy J & Randy at their filthiest and funniest, live in front of actual humans. 

"I Held Hands with Sammy J" T-Shirt

Why wear a T-shirt when you can wear a J-Shirt? The Official Sammy J T-Shirt is now available for those tired of listening to Sammy J's music in the nude. This is the top for you!

Bin Night DVD

When Sammy J and Randy discover somebody dumping trash in their rubbish bin, they arrange an over-night stake-out to catch the culprit. Lock your doors and separate your recyclables ... It's going to be a long night.

58 Kilograms of Pure Entertainment DVD

In this specially-crafted DVD, Sammy performs his most popular songs and some new surprises. If your heart has a hole shaped just like a skinny man, this is your one chance to fill it.

Sammy J in the Forest of Dreams DVD


Take the music of Disney, the drama of Lord of the Rings, and the emotion of Les Miserables. Then blindfold them, beat them, regain their trust, beat them again, and you might end up with something resembling Sammy J in the Forest of Dreams.

Sticky Digits

Recorded live at the Spiegeltent, "Sticky Digits" showcases Sammy J's earliest work including the "Backwards Song", "Duets", and "Light a Candle". Also available on iTunes & Google Play.

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